Monday, September 7, 2009

Domestic bliss

I have always been a hunter for great decorating inspirations, love to come across the unexpected and beautiful, sometimes in unexpected places. But usually I find most of them in books, magazines, shops, nature and homes I see.

Well, it seems that my design interest moves again towards the bohemian, colorful, certainly not the minimalistic. Mixing patterns and texture, layering the fabrics and showing of splendid collections.

I want to warm the house up, prepare for fall, create the atmosphare of comfort. I have thought about essentials lately and find that it does not necessary mean an oxymoron.

I still want to reduce, try to find the essence, the distilled home so to speak, find myself grounding in color and enjoy the pleasures of a lovingly edited home. It's all about our senses. Smell and touch in particular, sounds and taste make me feel the seasons too. Candles, potpourries, wool and felt, apples in a bowl and corn and flowers. The harvest abundance and my feeling of thanksgiving.

I want to be flexible and curious, on the lookout for beautiful things and yet keep in mind a certain alertness.

Fall beckons me always to feather my nest, warm up with fabrics and a fire.

This new season invites fresh decorating and this year I will find things I already have, take nature as my inspiration and create with found objects. Autumn makes it so easy!
Once I am there I'll take you on a tour and let you know.

But for now I have been plundering some magazines and show you my ideas of fun, my color fascination and the style I always admire: a little bohemian, bright and exquisitely edited.

I absolutely love the nature inspired colors and the ethnic influence.

Just today I was thinking which colors make me happy now and it's all warm and glowing, mixed with some blues and amethyst.

I so wanted the summer to last, but with a little nudging I'll follow willingly into the next season. It's all about domestic bliss!

The pictures were pulled out from the latest H & H magazine, Elle Decor, Decor, flickr and my own.

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  1. What exquisite pictures! I especially loved the rooms with the dark grey/blue walls! I have been entertained in just such beautiful rooms many times as a young woman. In fact, the house from which I was married had two identical rooms decrated in this hue, (complete with creamy white wide molding) The rooms were seperated from each other by gigantic french doors that receeded back inot the walls. This was tyoical of Victorian Row Houses in the South End of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, my home town. Your pictures brought these rooms to my mind so vivdly, it was like revisiting my wedding day once again. Thank yo so much.

    Also thank you for kind comments on my new blog. I so enjoyed the description of your tradition of taking afternoon tea with your husband and children. How delightful that you and your spouse work from home and are able to indulge in "Kuchenstunde" on a regular basis. It sounds very romantic and therapeutic! You are very blessed. Please come back often and consider sharing some of your cherished recipes with me. I will certainly be returning to your creative blog on a regular basis! Regards from my house to yours!


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