Thursday, September 10, 2009

Love it

Aren't you all amazed at which speed new design reaches the market? Well, I am always in awe about all the incredible creativity out there. Opening design magazines and visiting creative design shows leave me stunned any time!
Just today I came across some new things and I just wanted to share them quickly with you.

IKEA has always new and forward thinking design ideas, here a few highlights in their latest collection.

Kasja Box set

Vitaminer Vimpel blanket

Fabler Kalas sticker

Bjoerkefall candlestick

PS Stock vase

PS Svarva table lamp, I call that a charmed lamp...

Boeja pendant lamp

Don't you like IKEA's product names? They are familiar to me because so many remind me of German words, they are just written a little differently. I always have to smile!

Restoration Hardware sells this innovative TV easel, I had spotted it before in one of Vicente Wolf's designed rooms and I fell instantly in love!

I saw today this amazing clock as well, oh I love clocks! Found in this month' Elle Decor,UK! You can find it here.
And I was happy to spot that little bird in the picture, it graces my coffee table on occasion...

And this lovely window film comes in different colors via

I know, the quality of this picture is not great, but you get the idea? Check out their website, it is really beautiful and delicate.
I can see this at a bathroom window with a need for privacy or a view to the brick wall next door, or a doorm room screen maybe? Or a glas table pehaps? I guess lot's of possibilities...

Pictures via IKEA and Restoration Hardware, House&Garden and Elle Decor UK magazine.


  1. *drooling* The TV easel looks gorgeous and stylish.
    Love your blog very inspiring.

  2. Thank for showing that TV Easel, in the right space it would be fabulous! I love that my designer friends keep me up to date on current design!!

  3. Patricia, Mel, Maria thank you, I am so glad you like the pics. I adore the easel, so creative, right? And refreshingly different!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. great stuff! i'll send you a couple of links next week. also found some things you might really fall in love with..

  5. Thank you Eugen, so good to know you're on the same wave length...

    XOXO M.


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