Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sunday afternoon in Brooklyn

Here come a little more then a few snap shots from our delightful visit to Bedford Ave, in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.
We started out late morning on Sunday and after about 40 minutes driving arrived at our destination. The sun was out, a little cool, but lovely walking weather. Bedford Avenue between Grand Street and 9. Street is a hip heaven for everyone looking for fashion and music, small shops with everything from soap to sausages and many nice places to eat, drink and be merry...

For the more design oriented among us there is from junk shops to thrift stores and places of unusual modern to mid century high end design all to be found what one could wish for in this rather small area.
I spend an hour browsing through the shelves of one of the larger thrift stores located on Dribbs Avenue and 9St Street.
Old wonderful editions of Dickens and Thomas Hardy, L.M. Alcott and Walter Scott caught my eye. I have always been drawn to old books and the only reason not to bring many of them home is the limited space in our already packed library. I know, it's a lame excuse for the true collector, but thinking that all these stories line my shelves, I hesitated...

I saw an old doll house and chandeliers, a comfortable wing back chair, although old covered with a rather wonderfully current pattern of shredded upholstery.

After this we walked back towards Bedford Ave and then along smaller side streets to a pretty place with the fitting name
'The Future Perfect'.
A little treasure box of modern design and decorative objects.

The chandelier is such fun, I would have loved to bring it home...

We had such a fun afternoon and we will return soon! There is so much more to be explored, discovered and visited!


Pictures by V. Zlotkowski


  1. Hi Victoria,

    I've never been to Brooklyn. Can't wait to go with my daughter when we visit her in November!

    I cannot find your email address anywhere; I am going to Italy next week and wanted to ask you some advice as I know you recently returned. We are flying into Zurich and renting a car and will drive around Italy. Can you please contact me?

    Thanks! -annie

  2. Annie, I just send you an email. I am sure you will love Brooklyn!

  3. Perhaps we can have a coffee or tea, my husband is off to Europe and I am around - love to see you. Good luck getting your son off - no tears I hope.

  4. great to see all of these pictures here once more. brings back some lovely memories. remember the vietnamese restaurant?! and even that rather dark and tiny café place that we went to right before you left was pretty cool, i'd say. gotta come back there once we found an apartment!!!! : )


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