Friday, October 8, 2010

Be connected

Another Friday has rolled around, one with golden sunshine and a long weekend on it's heels!
Hope you all going to enjoy it!
Yesterday I dropped my oldest son and his sweet girlfriend off at the airport and it is always with a heavy heart that I see them go...Back to Europe, way to far for me. May the rainbow be a bridge....always! This one appeared only a few days ago in the sky over our house after a stormy day!

Thank goodness there was back to school night to attend that evening and I did not have a chance to think about it all the time.
My husband takes our daughter to a dude ranch for the weekend together with a friend and his daughter, so my youngest son and I will make a cozy weekend for ourselves. Perhaps a movie and dinner for two?

Do you take time out with one of your children? Or the child? Alone? We do it quite regularly and I feel we all benefit from a little one on one and TLC!
They begin to talk easier and the intimacy invites closeness. Especially these teen kids of ours need the chance to let go of the facade, which they carefully craft and just be relaxed for a while.

It's going to be fun and I am looking forward to it!

Wishing you all a time to re-connect!


All pictures by V.Zlotkowski


  1. Taking time to spend with each child is so important and something we, too, do often. A chance to be with each other in our own special way. Have a lovely weekend with your son, Victoria x

  2. I am off today traveling with one son to visit a college. I look forward to the time together.
    Lovely images and a great reminder for me to take my camera.

  3. 13threads, Patricia: Hope your weekend is lovely too!

  4. We are admiring the foliage here in Vt...your blog looks great! Love it!

  5. Sue: Thank you! My husband has been Upstate this last weekend and the leaves are turning there already much more then where we are. I love the vibrant autumn colors.

  6. your weekend sounded really cozy and sweet. was so good to see you on skype yesterday! i gotta have breakfast now... it's already way past noon... ; ) will keep you updated and check here every once in a while. love, eugen!


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