Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween at my window ledge

Year after year I dread a little the Halloween decoration outside my house. I am still not fully accustomed to the scary and monstrous decorations. I'd rather have something harvest- autumn related, perhaps a garden fairy and some trolls sitting around. But no such luck.
My son pulls out skulls and skeletons, chopped of arms with realistically drawn blood flow, creepy ghosts and murderous ghouls. My appeal to have mercy with the many small children in the neighborhood gets swept away. This is exactly what they like he assures me...
Well, I let him do his deco job and hope for the best.
Inside I have learned to tame the monsters and do what I do best: play with what I have and what the garden offers.
The pumpkins will be put to use in the kitchen and can be replaced as needed. The candles came from a party chain store and everything else has been in the house. There is plenty of Virginia Creeper in the garden...

Come Halloween Eve, we'll sit outside, bowls filled with candy and this year I promised to have a fog machine at the ready...
perhaps some of the gruesome details will be disguised!

Happy Friday you all!


  1. What a face!! Love your vignette.

  2. how fun - my neighbour has a fog machine and a cauldron - some kids are too terrified to come close.. but it's a hoot !


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