Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday post

The last days have brought rain and more rain, which in turn gave me inspirations to feather our nest.
We cleaned the cobwebs - yes the do exist in my house - from behind the sofa in our 'winter room'. We have started to move piles of fire wood from the outside in. We love to gather around the fire place, listening to music or read.
I have stocked up on books:

I washed wool blankets and changed pillows to accommodate cooler nights.

Apples are sitting in a large green bowl, ready to eat!
The kettle sings in the kitchen for a soothing cup of tea and we are looking forward to a peaceful and hopefully sunny and dry first October weekend!



  1. Mmm aren't changing seasons wonderful? I love that turnover period where you tuck all the previous season's items away and dust off what you're going to need.

  2. Hope that you are enjoying a rainty weekend !! Perfect for a good read...


  3. sounds so cozy! tea, fire, and wool blankets- the only way to make it through the dreariness!


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