Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Last Sunday my youngest and I hit the road to spend some time together. We planned on visiting one of the neighboring towns and on our way we crossed Tappan Zee Bridge, one of the old landmarks spanning the Hudson from Tarrytown to Nyack. Just as we were about to exit we we were passed by one of those lovely fancy vintage cars, white, ready to carry a bride and groom into their honeymoon...

(Proof that I had my hands on the wheel....my co-pilot took the pictures!)

This one I found at the parking lot at Wave Hill...

And I spotted this old VW Beetle model during our summer vacation in Volkach am Main.

This Chevrolet pickup drives around our neighborhood a lot...

Isn't this so cute?

I love an old convertible. Just classy!

I adore old cars. If I could have it my way - and a budget to splurge - I perhaps would drive one of those around town. When ever I happen to see one of those beauties, I take pictures, discreet or not, I have an absolute weakness.

Thank goodness I am not alone with my passion and as we arrived there was a beautiful Fire Engine, just waiting for the boy and his mom to be admired and explored. How good is that?

It was the perfect Sunday afternoon!


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  1. oh my god, I love your photo collection of old cars! and trissi is always around when it comes to that topic :)


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