Monday, December 7, 2009

Simple pleasures

When I am working on new projects I do enjoy the process of planning and selecting, making plans for the new place and fill in the blanks.
One way of getting inspired is to look through my large library of design books, books I have collected over the years.
One of them is Kathryn M.Ireland's 'Creating A Home'.

I love the vibrancy of her colors, the playfulness of her interiors and her obvious joy in creating a home!
She has designed fabrics and wallpapers and her patterns are so uplifting!

She has a touch bohemian spirit, which I adore and love myself to incorporate within my own dream spaces!

Checking fabrics at one of the stores I have been working with I saw these fabrics and I immediately thought of her:

The fabric on the bedding is very similar to the one draped over the back of the sofa in the third picture above. Possibly available in yellow too.
And the chair fabric has a very pretty and fun pattern too!

She mixes fabrics and materials from Northern Africa, Suzanis, Indian hand embroidered pieces.
Do you like to mix and match materials? Try, it's fun!

For beginners: In a more traditional environment try to stick to the color family you are working with, modern rooms can handle a dose of contrast well. Try and see if you like it! Well, if you are brave, you go with the flow...

Another easy way to play - especially now in the cold season: sheepskins or pillows made of sheepskin.

I enjoy those simple pleasures, while I am working! A feast for the eyes!


Interior pictures snatched from Kathryn M. Ireland's book Creating A Home, my own at the ABC store, Anthropolgy and Ethan Allen!


  1. I have always been a matchy kinda girl but my tastes are changing so next furniture buys I'm shaking it up. Have a wonderful day!

  2. I love adding unexpected touches to a space.
    Pretty images to get inspired and start with something!

  3. I am as you are! I always find pleasure in going through my files when I have to design a new client's home!
    Beautiful pictures!



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