Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Join me at a half day...

Most of my work and things I need to do on my own are usually crammed into half days. Most people with older school age children and a working life will know what I am talking about. Afternoons are reserved for chauffeuring the kids to various activities, some last minute grocery shopping, providing snacks and dinner and overlooking the home front...evenings have gotten out of control, since no child of mine is early in bed anymore. I announced a few weeks ago that after 8PM the kitchen is closed for service and Mama is off....doing her things!
The moment the kids are off to school my day begins and I have to be totally organized to finish what I plan to do. Sometimes a lovely diversion comes around by travel/shopping with clients.
Yesterday was such a day, and of course I needed to be home by 3 PM. Thank goodness my client sits in the same boat so to speak and needed heading home too!
We had ordered a pair of lamps, made by Susan Schneider of Shandell's up in Millerton,NY. Yesterday we drove up there to pick them up and used the midday to window shop and had a lovely lunch in the county side...

Millerton in Dutchess county is a pretty little town, Millbrook with it's wineries is nearby and so is Rhinebeck! It attracts artists, artisans and people in search of the good life...
The small place is the home of Harney and Sons Tea Company and you can find their teas almost everywhere!

They even have a delightful small restaurant complete with tea tasting room in Millerton!

The classic local diner...

Within walking distance one can find not one or two but at least three beautiful appointed design stores. From small soaps and candles to large chandeliers everything is available.
At PUNCH on Church Street I found a pretty little stamp box, filled with old fashioned stamps to decorate letters with. I love to write pretty letters, so it will come in handy!

They also had wonderful pillows and small rugs, china and decorative items! Very eclectic, uncommon goods for home and garden! And for one self and friends to spoil!

Not far at NEST on Main Street more beautiful pillows, artwork, tableware and just everything else for a well decorated home can be found!

There are some antique stores...

...and an old fashioned country store with beautiful woolen shirts by Woolrich, complete with soda counter and useful items for hiking, hunting and more...

There is a lovely coffee shop with delicious homemade foods and drinks, and all has an incredibly inviting feel to it! The communal book shelve there boasted an old edition of Wagner's Tannhaeuser, complete with music sheets!!! I was wondering...

No wonder though, it is also home to Eddie Ross and his partner Jaithan. Their sweet little country house was featured in the first (online)Lonny Magazine.

On my way back I snatched a couple of landscape pictures, the snow made everything even more pretty and I can't wait to go there again towards the warmer season to explore the neighborhood!

Yesterday was a wonderful half day!!! And truth be told, the second half turned out quite as nice...


Pictures by V.Zlotkowski


  1. Victoria,
    What a pleasure to see you, the lamps came out fantastic.
    What a great tour you gave your readers of this area. The picture you took of the horses in the field is where I used to ride. The horses are all bundled for the season.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  2. Susan, I agree! You did such a great job with those lamps. I will post separately on these, they deserve many viewers and since now many are off to celebrate and I'll need to take pretty pictures of them I will come back with an extra post in January!

    Thanks for everything, I love your creativity!

    Happy holidays!


  3. Yes, it does look like it was a great half day. And I wanted to wish you and your family a very happy holiday season.

  4. I shall now remember this when the children are back to school in the New Year as I try to spend half the day working on my art and the other half working to provide a home full of goodness, love and grace.
    What a lovely tour in the country. Cannot wait to see the lamps.

    Wishing you a Happy Holiday with your family.
    So nice to see you today!


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