Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday post

I am stuck, yesterday my computer gave up after days of probing and trying...
Today's post from my daughter's computer without access to my pictures! Ughh!

Anyway, do you remember the disaster with the sofa for one of my clients? My post from October 13Th will enlighten you...In short: The sofa had been delivered with the wrong fabric. This was back in October!
The saga continues, since we've gotten last week the impossibly bad news, that the fabric we selected, is now discontinued... And we had to find out by calling in repeatedly to ask for the status of the order. We were told for weeks it is in production!!!
We finally decided to go custom elsewhere. Now with an all new sofa, new fabric choice, pillows and trim cross your fingers for end of February! By which time it will mark the year, since I started this project.
We are done with everything else and it turned out really comfortable and nice. I will take pictures as soon as the sofa is in and show you the outcome!

Hope to be back very soon!
Wishing you all a relaxing weekend!

who with extra time will cozy up and read her new design book by Charlotte Moss - A Flair for Living! Courtesy of Cristin from Simplified Bee!

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