Thursday, December 10, 2009 award

Tricia from Avolli was so sweet to pass the Honest Scrap Award to me, thank you so much! I feel touched and happy, that my blog makes friends....
I found her beautiful blog many month ago and love her Swedish antiques and she has such wonderful way of presenting them. It shows her passion for it and her lovely style!
I had been given the same award only about 4 weeks ago by Maria Killam of the blog
Colour me Happy. Therefore I will take the easy way out and ask you to look at my post from November 15TH, 2009 and what I had then to say about myself...! I do not know how to link my own post back here, like some of you do.... I have to admit, I do not know, how...I tried, but it did not work. Well, that is something about me!

I simply could not come up with something new and meaningful! I hope you do not think I am cheating....I am just trying to be graceful, in all honesty ...

I hand the award to:

Simpilified Bee


Odi et Amo

Living It At Home


Weekend Host

Les Voyageuses

Let's here it from you!


Picture via Anthropology!


  1. Goodness, thank you! I am so honored. What a beautiful blog you have! I will work on this tonight after the little hurricane goes to bed ;)
    Now, off to read your post!

  2. Wow, thank you so much for thinking of me! I will definately have to think about what to write! I hope to get to this over the weekend after my daughters Nutcracker performance here. So excited! Just read your post in Nov. again and I can relate with some of the things you described about yourself!


  3. Thanks for stopping by. First let me say that you are georgous and so are your kids. I had a great time flipping through your blog. How interesting and diverse you are, I love that in a person. Have a great weekend. Heidi

  4. I'm humbled and so grateful to receive this award! It makes my day to know others who are so talented enjoy reading my blog! Merci beaucoup!

  5. Thank you so much for the sweet award -- I'm very flattered! I've done one of these "10 honest things" before so I'll have to think a bit to see if I can come up with some new tidbits to share. :)

  6. Thank you for the kind words :) xo Maria


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