Friday, December 11, 2009

Basmati rice pillow

A few days ago I happen to be at one of my favorite eateries. Run by Pamela Schulz: 'True Food' in Nyack, NY.

True to it's name, she sells and prepares the most delicious foods, home cooked lunches, mostly organic and locally grown. They have breads and sweets, coffee and teas, and from African lentil soup to rice dishes there is a lot to choose from.
As I ordered I watched her prepare a large pot of Basmati rice, pouring it from one of those colorful sacks, used for shipping the goods from exotic origins.
After inquiring what she would do with the packaging afterwards, she told me they simply throw it away....Uohhhh! I was only too happy to ask for it.

Now it graces my chair, in which I do most of my thinking, apart from sitting at my computer...and I feel its rough, yet cushy material and I always have to smile seeing it! I have to think from where it came from, the many hands working with it and the food I receive from so far away...well, I feel a grateful connection!

It's perfect, it came even with a zipper build in, I had nothing more to do then to stuff a cushion inside and be done with it!
To be sure, I will get more then this one and have already some ideas as what to do with it!
In this case not only from the foothills of the Himalayas to my table, but to my chair as well!

And I will enjoy many more meals at 'True Food'! Thank you, Pamela!

Wishing you an inspirational weekend!


Pictures by V.Zlotkowski


  1. That is what you call "true recycling"

  2. These are wonderful. I just bought a handbag made from the same materials for a fun bit of summer fare. It didn't last too long (trying to get too much in it I suppose!). Enjoy the freshness of it.

  3. oh - this is way too cute!!!!!!
    love it!


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