Saturday, December 5, 2009

First snowy night

Oh, there is nothing prettier then the first snow every year, quietly falling, still a bit wet, most likely gone tomorrow, but welcomed nevertheless!

I love the evenings, white branches, lit by moon light or the glow of windows on the snow!

And standing outside I can smell the aromatic fire, I am grateful for this warm nest!

Found this early artwork of mine, when I was in my teens, I did this from a window into the garden at first snow...

Good night!



  1. You have a lovely home. We too, had snow beginning late afternoon, and continuing...
    It's so peaceful and beautiful!

  2. I love the first snow fall, I really miss the snow, living in Utah it snowed alot. Last year in Bremen we had one snow fall in November it was magical and gone in hours. I hope it snow at least once this year. Have a wonderful Sunday and stay warm. I love your home makes me miss the east coast.

  3. LOVE your house! I'm so missing the snow, all we have here in Norway is lousy rain.

  4. The snow was wonderful... and this morning!!! Took the dog for a long walk and she went super crazy. Love the black & white stark drawing.

  5. Yes, the first snowfall is always so magical, right!
    pretty - and love your work of art!!

  6. This is beautiful. We would never see this in Sydney!

    Thank you for coming by when i was away too!! xxx


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