Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Color explorations: yellow rooms

Yellow has been the color I had the most difficulty to find my way around. I have never been a fan of yellow, particularly because I do not like yellow on me. I have a feeling this is a major reason for people to choose colors in the first place. Some affinity is necessary to live with colors. Apart from insecurities towards the use of colors in your home, liking special colors is fundamental. In other words, no matter how much a color would look great in a setting or is IN for that matter, if you don't like it, forget it.
I love yellow rooms for the uplift I feel, the happy atmosphere and the light bouncing around. On the other hand many yellows seem too loud and shrill, maybe this has been the reason for my hesitance. I've painted my hallway a couple of years ago yellow and we choose purposefully a darker shade to accommodate the brightness of yellow.
I felt it was hard to pick the right yellow, but after some trial and error I've got it. Maybe a good advise is to scale the shade down even more after you pick the yellow you think might be right. And of course try it out before you paint, don't get fooled by small color samples, they are very deceiving.
There is one quality about yellow which I love: it is a great accent color, it has instant wow power.
Maria Killam of 'Color me Happy' is the person I look to when I feel I need advise, her blog is filled with the most useful information as how to use colors and how to select the right color/shade/hue. She is extremely experienced. She wrote extensivly on the use of yellow! See her on my blog list and click!
Here I show you a couple of yellow rooms which I admire and could imagine to live with.

Pictures come from a variety of sources, the top one is by me, flickr, House Beautiful, Elle Decor, the books 'Domestic Art' and 'Wallpaper' and the Eijffinger wallpaper website. I appolgize for any accidental overlook of source.


  1. I feel the same way about the colour yellow...
    I am not a big fan of it myself and I cannot identify with the colour. but when I see the pictures and how one can use yellow to decorate a room ... I must say... I am impressed =)


  2. Great post! My house is yellow, a kind of brown yellow, but I would like to repaint it. But still - I love the color.

  3. I hear you, I always found it kind of tricky and especially on houses, in my neighborhood there are a couple of them, they make me cringe every time I pass by...
    I love the italien and french terra cotta based colors, ocker yellow and old world yellows mixed with limestone or sandstone.
    But then again all the surroundings count too, fences, walls, lots of greenery and so on.

  4. Hi Victoria,
    Thanks so much for the shout out! Could you do me a favour and link my name to my blog (only because I'm a shamless promoter :) Thanks a lot!

    And I love all the yellow spaces you've shown! It's just a happy post!


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