Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday morning

I've researched at IKEA yesterday for our new living room, but I was not impressed with what I found this time. In resent years I believe the style and quality have changed and maybe my expectations have changed too and there are many more good and reasonable furniture designs out there, which do not scream IKEA. When I started out years ago IKEA was chic and hip and all I could afford anyway and it was a little bit a life style... This time it looked more shabby then chic, particular the upholstery and I felt like a dissatisfied lover. Don't get me wrong, I like IKEA, accessories and small things are still great, kitchens are a true value, but the sofas seemed tired and not comfortable enough, before I even got them home. Well, one sofa was alright - the Stockholm - but again at that price point (beginning @ $1000) I can find many others with more color choices.
We've had bought a brown leather sofa at IKEA about two years ago( Kramfors), it did not last long, seems ripped and edges, forget the hole poked in by my was chic looking, but that was all there is. I have been trying to replace the broken cushion, but the customer service has been so bad and unresponsive, I finally gave up. As you can see I hide all the damage with a tucked in blanket, but it moves around!
So, for now fare well IKEA....

To recover from my disappointment I decided to play again with my window ledge display and showcased my IKEA bought kitchen canisters for our cereals...

All pictures by V.Zlotkowski


  1. even expensive leather sofas rip!!! you'd be surprised. I stand by my all time favorite sofa - the Ikea slipcovered one - it's their biggest selling sofa. you should give it a try. $399. hehe if it rips after a few years at $399 - you haven't lost much!!!

  2. Well, there you're absolutely right.
    Let see, I'll mull it over!
    Thanks Joni, your input is much appreciated! I'll keep you posted...
    : )


  3. those things are all so familiar. love the photos. and even our much-loved ikea has its limits ;)

  4. I agree with Joni, their slipcovered one is great, I have a client that just bought a new red one (she had an old white slipcover) and installed it in her media room, she loves it.


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