Monday, May 11, 2009

Color explorations: blue rooms

Over the last year I have been following color trends in the shelter magazines, stores and design blogs, it seems blue in all hues and shades is making a big come back. I love blue, one or the other room in my house has always been blue. It is easy to combine, most people like the color, blue has been used at courts as a royal color, it evokes feelings of trust and confidence(lots of banks and airlines are using blue combinations) and in Feng Shui it belongs to the element water and has great importence to calm and energize. (bed rooms, family rooms) Many famous china patterns come in blue and white. (Meissen, Royal Copenhagen, Wedgewood, original Chinese patterns, Spode and many more)
When I researched on blue I found uncounted examples for pretty bedrooms and I am glad to see more and more living rooms. Blue is calming, gentle, but can create drama when used saturated and strong. I love teal and midnight blue, ultramarine, Prussian blue, but at the same time adore all shades of turquoise, light blues and french blue.
I am working right now on a new color scheme for my own house and blue will play a major role... I will keep you posted!
The classic color combinations of blue/white, blue/yellow and blue/brown are wonderful, but I incourage you to try new ones like blue/red (not only country), blue/tan or cream and blue /green (in lighter shades). Combinations of blue with purple an hot pink can look great when combined with silver. Blue on blue so sophisticated!
Wallpaper is hip again and I found many incredible examples, why not try some blue patterns for an accent wall?
Darker blues often resonate with man, so this is can be a good choice for a study or bedroom.

Explore and enjoy the following selection of blue rooms, I found many more, but these made the cut...

Pictures via flickr, Designers Guild, Domino Magazine, bpinteriors, studiomdesign, Elle Decor and the book 'Wallpaper - Dreams of color for the home' by Alejandro Asensio.

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  1. I agree that blue rooms have a calming effect. I like the ones with a touch of turquoise -- takes me to the beach =)


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