Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Color explorations: green rooms

I have been looking forward to this post for a long time now, since I love the color green and I particularly love using that color in many ways in interior design and decorating.
Green is a hue or color, but it is also a great neutral. It teams up well with most colors. Just look at nature, a florists shop or artwork.
There are many great color combinations with green , one of the prettiest is green with pink. It speaks of youthfulness, playfulness and freshness. Many girls bedrooms are decorated that way because it's so feminine.
But I love family rooms in that combination as well.
Green with naturals, tans and beige associate with an organic, nature oriented approach. It is very soothing and calming.
One of the color combinations I like very much is green with white and black or brown accents.
Green with blue produces echoes of nature, water and forest and can denote new beginnings and growth.

Different greens go well with each other. Don't be afraid to mix and match.
Today are so many more greens acceptable, after lime green made its way into decorating a couple of years ago, fresh greens are no longer only associated with children's or garden rooms.

This dining room is so harmonious, with it's natural palette and little refreshing turquoise accents, see how white is used to freshen up this muted green.

Green with pink, so pretty!

I found the picture above at Alicia B.Designs, designed by Heidi Friedler, see how clever she uses different patterns and hues of green (green as a neutral), accented by fuchsia and whites and a touch of blue. The artwork connects all!
Below from pointclickhome via Alicia B.Designs, what a beautiful entrance!

Green looks stunning in any setting, may it be classic, traditional or contemporary.

These green combinations are cool and refreshing, I see them in hot climates, where any kind of cool is welcome.

I love the versatility of green, it has been used since people started developing colors for decorative use. The Egyptians painted the godess Isis' face green to show the connection with nature. Green has been used in many university's creeds as the color symbolizing wisdom and knowledge. Libraries use green lamp shades to protect the readers from to harsh a light.
Green in Feng Shui belongs to the wood element and is supposed to be shown with plants as well.

What a nice place to sit, work and read!

This is our own dining room, we've had it wallpapered 9 years ago with Designers Guild wonderful lime green striped paper, we have been comfortable and in love with it since then. The room has an eastern exposure and is rather dark after noon, but it feels always festive. It needs refreshing, but....

I love this living room's clarity and modern feel. This is fun! And check out the hand painted fire screen to prevent the black hole effect during the summer month! Very nice indeed!

By now you could be green with envy, but I hope rather inspired to take out your color samples you have been playing with and go and get green!

Pictures via flickr, house to home, House beautiful, Designers Guild, where indicated by others. Sofa 'Troy' from the current Crate & Barrel collection.


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    ps. Great post on green by the way, it's one of my favourite colours!

  2. I posted a response on that comment, FYI.

  3. i love those photos... green is a beautiful colour and it is amazing what one can do with just some simple ways of using a colour (eg green)

    i love it.... xxx

  4. Ooh! Those are awesome! Spacify offers Console Table and more at reasonable prices.

  5. I love green, and I love it with white. Try adding white.


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