Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weeknight dinner

I am getting one of these...image via

Weeknights see much action in our kitchen! Hungry mouths are to be fed and our growing teenagers have a renewed sense for cooking and a greater appreciation for lovingly prepared meals. We have had made plans to eat healthier and with more attention to variety. This night was a good example of what's on our table lately. Salads and different grains and seeds, less meat and more vegetables.

Organic oranges

I love fresh crunchy jicamas

Roasting hazelnuts

Delicious Chia
We started with the preparation of our salad: 
Cutting of English cucumbers, jicamas, fennel and oranges. Mixing them together with some chia seeds, roasted hazelnuts and a dressing of fresh squeezed lemon juice, Dijon mustard and olive oil. Pepper and salt to taste.

Almost done

Meanwhile we cooked a quinoa and brown rice mix, warmed up yesterday's leftover Moroccan style slow cooked chicken (Tagine style). I had gotten a ready made simmering sauce and it took about 35 minutes yesterday for the chicken to be delightfully aromatic. 


Had some green beens with it...Hmmm. Good.
There was nothing better.

Takes very little time

Do you cook on weeknights? What are your meals like? Share some if you like!

 Images by V.Zlotkowski and as indicated.

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