Thursday, April 19, 2012

Super Blender!

Yesterday I finally took the next step in order to create healthy and often raw food!
I bought a high performance blender! I got the Vitamix Pro Series, just amazing what that baby can do in seconds...

You can make smoothies, soups and dressings, batters, ice cream, frozen drinks, fondues...
The blender came with a CD and recipe book, most informative and I am sure I will make good use of it!
We tried it out last night and this morning and although my kids are not exactly adventurous eaters, they both devoured this morning's fresh pineapple/banana/apple smoothie, fortified with hemp seeds and flax meal with dried blueberries. A few spoons of oatmeal and they were ready to tackle the world!
Everything was whipped together within under two minutes and so thoroughly blended, there were no traces of the flax or hemp or anything but smooth drinking of natural goodness!
No sugar was added and the kids both liked that there was some tartness to it!
I added some of the leftover smoothie and walnuts to my overnight thickened oatmeal and it was the most satisfying breakfast for all!
Next thing I ordered online was a small sprouter to sprout
grains and beans for example. 


Also I see a dehydrator as an addition to the equipment family on the counter top in the near future...For additional options for a more raw diet.


Images my own and via website, as indicated.

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