Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New food ways

After many diets and different attempts to find a way to live with lactose intolerance and sugar cravings and fighting the typical middle age weight gain, I discovered a while ago raw food diet. It is a way of eating, without actually calling it a diet, because I do not want to change it ever!  A new way of life...
I do enjoy it and it is not a militant regiment. I am not planing on being 100% raw, believing it is not entirely necessary nor perhaps healthy for me.
But I feel great, finding slowly my right weight and believe it or not, my food cravings are a thing of the past!
I found so many helpful sites online and in books.

What I eat and drink:

All vegetables locally and seasonable available, mostly organic (Mostly raw, some steamed, some dehydrated)


Fish (some raw) and mostly white meat ( I do love a steak once in a while)

Soups and stews without refined sugars, dairy and flour.
Cooked and raw.


Brown rice

Seeds, nuts and legumes


Sea weed


Lactose free cream cheese, cheddar, Swiss cheese, kefir and Lactose free yogurts


Home made  slow cooked oat meal

My own creation....



Quinoa, chia, amaranth, oats, spelt bread 

Rice, soy and almond milk 


Super fruits: Acai and Goji 


Love this breakfast Chia Goodness

Sugar free or low sugar jams and preserves

All things pickled.


Almonds, fruis like pears or an apple, raw snacks like 
cacao goji superfood Navitas) or Chocolate Super cookies (go raw), I eat lentil and flax crackers, raw dips and sauces.


I have exchanged soy sauce with Bragg's Liquid Amino's
and use salt rather sparingly. But I do not skimp on spices.


Water, water, water

One cup of coffee a day and teas (back, green, herbal)
Seldom a glass of wine. No other alcohol.

What I not eat and drink - anymore:

Anything store bought pre-cooked or semi prepared, baked goods, like cake, rolls, regular bread, sweets. Canned goods or pre cooked meats and sausages. Only very very rarely do I make an exception.

Dairy, apart above mentioned items

Pasta (I eat brown rice based pasta on occasion)


Anything where I need a dictionary to understand the ingredients...

I try to keep my sugar intake low, apart from natural occurring sugars like in fruits, the amount of sugar in most yogurts for example is appalling.
Same for condiments, I avoid them or make them myself.
A use Dijon mustard once in a while and olive and flax oil.

Sodas and store bought juice 

Very rarely dark chocolate. 

It is amazing what one can eat and find once you put your mind to it!
Life is an adventure!

PS: Almost all links provided under the images are filled with wonderful information on living a healthy life! 


  1. I admire your discipline Victoria. Living in California made healthy eating seem easy but now that I am living in Scotland, the climate and culture means that I have started to enjoy 'comfort food and wine' a wee bit too much!
    You probably already know this place but when I was in New York a few years ago, we had a wonderful meal at this raw food restaurant

  2. Thank you Lois,
    It is actually not hard to stick to this, since it's so satisfying and I feel so much better!
    The weird thing is, that I am not really tempted to go back to the old eating habits....
    I always feared that I might want to eat the regular foods, but I can stay away without feeling a loss.

    I have heard of the place, but haven't been there yet! Will have to try it out!


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