Monday, January 24, 2011

A walk in the park

Brilliant sunshine beckoned us out into this cold, but picturesque day, filled with wonderful light.
We followed our well known trails in the neighboring park and yet all looked so different under a blanket of snow. For me this place is always magically new!

The dog had a blast, running back and forth between us, covering the walking distance at least twice....

The sky was turquoise blue and the snow crunched under our steps. There was little wind, but oh, so cold! We bundled up and
marched on!

Although we walked together, the cold forbid much exchange and we enjoyed the quiet meditations and following our own thoughts as we trailed the dog along the winding path.
The virgin snow covered all unevenness and created a landscape filled with foot marks of people before us. I could not help but to think of life...

Wishing you all a peaceful week!


All pictures by V.Zlotkowski

1 comment:

  1. Victoria,
    I too have many photos like this, a good brisk walk with our children and dog circling about....taking great delight that we are all together....herding us and sheperding us along the path and journey in nature. I love all the seasons, but the winter and all this snow are magical.
    Enjoy dear lady,


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