Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy winter weekends

Christmas seems so long ago and spring so far ahead, nothing better then to seize the moment and to enjoy the winter, which present itself so pleasantly these days around here!

Sledding and skiing is on our agenda and we will take full advantage of the near by mountains in the Berkshires and Upstate New York.

We will be returning to our beloved skiing designation in Woodstock, Vermont. We have grown so accustomed to spending some days in this picturesque village, it is nothing short of the perfect place to spend a few wholesome winter vacation days.

The homey, yet elegant Woodstock Inn resides on the Green, small artsy shops line Main Street and lovely cafes and restaurants offer delicious great American and International cuisine.

I love it to walk there, explore the neighborhoods and take advantage of the quiet afternoons I can spend reading near the fireplace in our hotel. A brand new spa has opened it's doors last autumn and I will try the chocolate wrap....
Still a couple of weeks away, but I can't wait!
In the meantime we will practice our turns closer to home and enjoy hot drinks and familiar winter joys!


A happy winter weekend to you around the winter "hemisphere".... : )


All pictures by V.Zlotkowski and as indicated!


  1. What a gorgeous place...and a spa! Sounds like my kind of winter retreat.

  2. Oh how I love Woodstock, VT. It has been many years since I've been and was happy to be taken back there here on your blog. Enjoy.



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