Saturday, January 8, 2011

Last night at the movies

I saw The King's Speech.

Long awaited, I finally saw it yesterday. The movie tells the story of the rise of King George VI at the time of the onset of WWII. His ascending to the throne was a uncommon one. Never meant for it, he succeeded his brother Edward VIII after he decided to abdicate the throne. The new king's ability to rise above his speech impediment and his mental and emotionally difficulties due to his rather cruel upbringing made me aware again of how it is possible to overcome shear overwhelming hurdles. This rather lonely man found a friend under the most unlikely circumstances and he kept his nation sane in times, when they needed it the most! It left me with an unspeakable feeling of being moved and elated, yet again horrified by the terrors of war, that war which changed so much, left so much sorrow and unimaginable hardship in it's wake.
To believe finally in ones own strength and see it succeeding is a wonderfully uplifting thing. I thought about so many unnamed people who fight with this disability daily and how much courage it must take to overcome it. Speech represents us!
Colin Firth plays the role Oscar worthy and the emotional range in his face and acting was astounding. Likewise Geoffrey Rush as the speech therapist gave an incredible performance.

At times I had a feeling of watching a Shakespeare play!
Helena Bonham Carter was a delight to watch in this supporting role as the king's wife. Behind every successful man stands a woman....She persevered in finding the help he needed!

What a great movie!!!

Read here in The Telegraph some more interesting details about the historical origins of the movie. Really, go read it, it is incredibly interesting! Especially the correspondence between Lionel, the speech therapist and Bertie, the king.

To quote London's Guardian: The King's Speech proves there's fizzing life in old-school British period dramas – it's acted and directed with such sweep, verve, darting lightness.
I couldn't agree more.


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  1. OMG I HAVE TO SEE THIS! Victoria dearest, THANK YOU FOR COMING TO REMIND ME ABOUT THIS FABULOUS PART TO YOUR BLOG!!!! O.K., this is a must see. ANything with Brits is a fav of mine!

    Having a great Sunday? I HOPE SO! BISES, Anita

  2. wow.. i am so much looking forward to seeing it. :) thanks for posting..


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