Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Narnia moment

Entering the magic wardrobe and this is what I found...

A lamp post lit and showing the way...

To a lovely house.

And a garden shrouded in white lace.

Magic flowers peaking at the guest...

A boy enjoying the snow...

A bench undisturbed.

White blossoming.

Like a sugary confection.

I need not to go back, I arrived.

And the Christmas wreath waving good bye...

To last year!


All pictures by V.Zlotkowski, Narnia image via google image


  1. Very beautiful scenes and I have to get this music that is playing! Just lovely! Stay warm and cozy in this wintery storm!

  2. ohhhhh... that's so beautiful. i need to be back soon I guess. very lovely.. :)


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