Monday, August 31, 2009

Girl's room makeover

Our girl wanted more light and airiness about her room, less pink and more blue, less stuff and more space.
We cleared the room, painted, hammered and fixed everything together. It was much fun.

The room is a merely 10' x 11', tiny, but she considers it her nest and loves the room. At 12 she feels no more needs for toys, but cares for posters and books, her computer, music and her phone. Only space for her Steiff animals collection had to be found. She organized her shoebox size closet without my help and managed well.
Under bed storage houses extra bedding, for the important sleepovers and a small mattress can be tucked behind her bed on these occasions. The windows panes have her graffiti and were not allowed to be removed...

I did not have too much impact in her decorating scheme as you might imagine, I enjoyed working with her and her rather sensible ideas for her room. She absolutely loves the results and that is what counts the most!

Pictures, painting and decorating V.and Ch.Zlotkowski


  1. cute AND cool. und was könnte sich eine 12 jährige mehr noch wünschen?! ...happy to see the familiar room in new color and shape! you guys did a great job : )

  2. That is sweet and bright - the pillows are cute. Totally age appropriate and you are a sweet mom to let her have her way.


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