Monday, August 3, 2009

What a wonderful time

It has been four weeks since I said good bye and now I am back with so many impressions, pictures and memories, well I have a hard time as were to start.
I am sure you all have had some delightful summer weeks and I will share some of my adventures with all of you.
Most of our plans came true and then some, New England is such an incredible place, filled with history, landscapes, great food and many many places to see and visit.
I fell in love with the land and its people.
Our little red house proved to be a wonderful find, literally across one of the first landing places of the pilgrims in 1623, today Stage Fort Park. We all including the dog spend many hours walking, beach combing and and simply relaxing there.
We found fantastic sea food, the children had their first lobsters, uncountable new England chowders. Haddock, Halibut and sword fish were daily on our menu.
Gloucester is the heart of Cape Ann, the cultural center and lively fishing port.
But Rockport and many small and smallest villages add to the charm of this rural, yet sophisticated spot on the map.
Perfect train connection to Boston make it easy to commute and we took advantage of all the possibilities.
I will show you some of my pictures, but most of them need sorting and a little work before I can put them on the blog.
For today I just wanted to say Hi and I am so happy to be back to talk to you all and to catch up with all your news as well.

Big hugs!


  1. Thanks for stopping by! You know, this is just the beginning, I have about 700 pictures to edit....
    Yes, it is such a beautiful place!

  2. A month away in that beautiful spot of our country must have been wonderful!

    I tagged you for a heart picture. Take your time and let us know what makes your heart happy.

  3. Welcome home! I love New England. Glad you had such wonderful adventures and I look forward to you sharing it with us -- from your eyes!

  4. Oh that looks like utter and absolutely bliss. I hope coming home hasn't been too traumatic.

  5. Welcome back! Lovely to hear from you. Looks wonderful!

  6. it does look very beautiful. i can really imagine all of you having a wonderful time over the past few weeks. hope i'll be there again soon to share some moments like that..

    now, please, show some more photos. and thank you so much for the ones you already sent.

    p.s.: have a look!!

  7. Wow 4 week vacation! You lucky woman you!
    Looks beautiful, I look forward to seeing more!


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