Saturday, November 13, 2010

Weekends roll around...

Weekends roll around and it's almost Thanksgiving. I am a little scared as how fast the time passes by, I am still feeling the afterglow of this summer. This makes me sometimes melancholic and as I sit near the fireplace, crackling with a fire to warm the house I reflect on my life. The old feeling of an endless amounts of time ahead of me gives way more often to the awareness of it's passing. My own time span is thankfully unknown to me, but I think about what I have done with my life until now and how often I feel the need to do more. To be more creative, more active, more caring, more loving. Less selfish - more selfish?
There is this voice pushing me onward to new goals, yet they are still hidden. Sitting here I try to listen.
How often do you have the time to concentrate on the inner dialog? There are so many distractions...
The time is always now and I am fully aware of this. To embrace this very moment, to live in the presence, to look at this fire, which will burn down in a while and to enjoy the dancing flames.
To embrace the family, to spend the extra time with parents, who are getting older and with friends. Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday to reflect upon life, the intensity of every moment and the importance of being together - now!
There are people without contacts, lonely, often quietly so. Neighbors without family, the odd fellow. Perhaps we can embrace them too, pack an extra meal, or a small gift. Time is a wonderful present. Many people are just grateful to talk.

I will keep this in mind as the holiday season rolls around and we get caught up in all the festive preparations...

Wishing you a great week!


Tre pictures my own, hands via goggle image.


  1. Beautifully written post Victoria! I think the change of seasons may be a reminder for us to change or pay attention to what is changing around us. Not only are the seasons changing but our children are growing up (fast) our family members may be getting older and we ourselves are questioning if we are on the right path. It is good to step back and look around at the changes that are happening naturally. Too see if you are out of touch or in-touch. Have a wonderful day~

  2. great post. i think i will have to start visiting your blog more often again. :)

    let's skype soon, okay.

    much love


  3. A really lovely post Victoria x

    Ps That photo of the tree against the blue sky is beautiful.

  4. I too feel the need to reach out to those who are alone and who might need just a "thinking of you" cup of coffee, a flower or perhaps something home-made.
    Lovely heartfelt post to remind each of us to live in the present and to find joy in each moment.

  5. Beautifully said! This to me is a far better time of year to contemplate things, than say New Year's. I love the images of the trees, the foliage is magnificent and the leaves are all coming down too fast!

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  7. a short reflection on ...almost everything that really matters! your train of thought is coherent and poetic. sometimes it doesn't take complicated sentences and 'big words' to deliver a really deep and meaningful message. or to put into words what's on your heart.
    now, i am 23 years old and i, too, feel the finiteness of time. that may appear weird to some but on the other hand it would be a lot worse to realize that in, say, 30 years from now. i prefer it this way!


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