Saturday, November 27, 2010

Magic carpet

A few weeks ago I looked through eBay, a hobby of sorts, to find treasures to blog about or to find things I happen to look around for our own needs. One of those needs has been a carpet for our living room. A carpet has not been on our have -to -have -list, for the obvious reasons: Always something else more needed!
But then I hit the jackpot finding a beauty...
The PB navy wool chain link carpet. The price was more then right (A $ 299 bargain), 100 % wool, the colors and pattern absolute perfect and all I needed to do was convincing my better half that now was the right time.
I succeeded!

Click to enlarge the images.

And here comes the magic: Since the carpet arrived, a day before Thanksgiving (A magic in itself, it was not expected until Dec.1) everybody is drawn to it's cheerful pattern, it's warmth and the room now feels completed and chic!

We love this carpet!

xx Victoria

Pictures by V.Zlotkowski


  1. You DID score - the rug is GREAT - really makes the room. Great find!


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