Friday, August 13, 2010

Leaving Tuscany

We all are leaving this wonderful house on the hill - Sansepolcro - Tuscany with a heavy heart and to tear us away from so much loveliness is not easy...And yet, we have received so many wonderful gifts: being together as a family, spending time with my parents and siblings, my adorable in - laws, my older children and the rest of us! We have lived together, talked and cooked and walked together, we laughed and cried (sometimes) and we are all so immensly grateful for the time we've had.

Eastern Tuscany is so beautiful and unlike the area around Florence, Sienna and Pisa somewhat off the beaten path. Of course we encountered travellers like us, but we felt mostly being among Italians. Strolling through many small towns filled with the treasures of Piero della Francesco and Andrea della Robbia has been an incredible discovery, climbing the mountains around us a true adventure.

We will bring the scents with us of lavender and rosemary, olive oil and cheese... and our minds are filled with the images of Tuscany and the memories of all the lovely people we encountered, new friends we have met and the relaxation we feel now!

Thank you Lizzie for opening your wonderful house to us, truly Tuscan and incredibly comfortable, we have felt home here from the moment we stepped over the threshold.
We will never forget the views which greeted us upon arrival, the valley below and the beauty around us!

We have already made plans to come back! That way it is much easier to leave...

A long drive awaits us tomorrow, all the way to Munich and then later after one more night on to Frankfurt, where we board our respective airplains home (my husband) and Berlin.

I will post a little once I'm in Berlin; as many of you know I love the city and I am now looking forward to seeing my friends and family there again.



  1. ciao~ Tuscany but hello to Berlin! :
    Miss you in NY---

  2. it is so peaceful and beautiful looking! going home is always bittersweet... sad to leave where you are, but excited about where you are going. it will be interesting to see how the tuscan experience influences your interior design in the next year!

  3. Bye Tuscany! It's a beautiful place (as I've been exposed via your photos). It's always bittersweet to leave. Do you think you'll be inspired with the styles from your travels so far? It would be interesting to see!

  4. You must have had a wonderful time. My family just finished a vacation and we all cried just because we had such a wonderful time. It was difficult to leave one another and that is always a good feeling! Travel safely!
    Lila Ferraro

  5. Fabulous images I love to see your interests around the world!

    Art by Karena


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