Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Days and nights in Tuscany

Much life happens outdoors and we so enjoy exploring the places around us.
It is not just the small towns, but simply walking up the hill behind our house or the meadows, which have been cut and the fields have all been harvested and large rolls of aromatic hay are rolled up in huge bundles.

The white cows of Tuscany walking slowly in the evenings and we can hear their bells every night.
Just below the property is a large field, with a grove of trees. Every night a group of large deers appears. I captured these majestic animals, gracefully walking and grasing, not being really afraid, but watchful.

There is a trail going into the mountains and we have been trekking along for an hour and we perhaps could reach another hamlet, but the children are not used to such long walks and eventually we returned.

Around every bend we find something new, animals, vistas, stones and broken pottery!
I have picked greens and flowers along the path and the meadows. Its a paradise!
By now the house truly has our touch and we love sitting at night and watch the sunset. The house is perfectly suited for a larger family and cooking in this wonderful farmhouse kitchen is such a pleasure. At night we realize again and again how quiet it is up here, only the occasonal animal sound or the zicadas interrupt the silence. At night the sky gleams with millions of stars and we watch many shooting stars! And we share our wishes with the universe...
There is lots of room for everybody and everthing, a double stove provides ample space for preparing multi-course meals, we bake and we talk, eat and play games until late at night!

My little Ragazzo Italiano!

My oldest and his girl...

Well, we have made plans already to return here; we simply fell in love!

Soon more, there is much I want to show you! Today we are off to Arezzo, a wonderful town from ancient times with a church filled with the frescos of Piero della Francesca!


All pictures by V.Zlotkowski


  1. Hi Victoria,

    Breathtaking images. I love the natural beauty of the area. Even the bale of hay would make an artist look closely.

    Art by Karena

  2. You are spending time in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I know you are enjoying every moment. Ciao!

  3. You are expenditure time in one of the majority fine-looking spaces on Earth. I identify you are enjoying all flash. Wooden Tortilla Press

  4. Oh my dear, reading your post is like watching an old a British on TV called Summer's lease http://www.amazon.co.uk/Summers-Lease-DVD-John-Gielgud/dp/B000FBHC28
    starring with John Gielgud and Susan Fleetwood in 1989. Your dinner table looks splendid. Did you also have Puccini's music in the background? I hope you do xxx

  5. Victoria!

    Opening your blog, I see you are vacationing in Sansepolcro. Incredible! My parents they live about 40 min. away from there in San Piero in Bagno (maybe I have told you?) which is not Tuscany anymore but the Emiglia Romagna. It's a beautiful region and I'm happy you and your family are enjoying "la bella Italia". I know I do every time I visit and miss it when I leave...
    from the heart

  6. that dinner table, the view, the various hang-out-places in and around the house, the enormous spaces indoors and outdoors which you guys have all to yourselves.. in retrospect i realize more and more how this place would make a perfect location for a movie BECAUSE it is so out-of-this-world. we will have to go back someday! promise me that...!


  7. It seems that you had a really great time. Every moment is worth to be treasured.


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