Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring basket

It is still so very gray outside! I always love to bring some fresh green inside, nothing beats the winter blues more. Cut flowers are fine but often expensive. I think some potted plants give much more back when you want to keep an eye on your budget.
It takes very little effort to create something lasting.
My local nursery had the plants and with the small basket all I had to do was to stuff them all nicely together...
After hyacinths and daffodils have bloomed I can pull them gently out and replace them with something new. They can be planted in the garden later and bloom next year again. The ivy and clovers last a long time, light and some water is all they need.
It makes a lovely center piece for Passover or Easter as well.
Other containers will do fine and the same idea can work outside on a deck or a small window ledge once spring is here with frost free nights.

Picture by V.Zlotkowski

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