Monday, March 30, 2009

Living with my collections

My ever growing collection of daily used china and pottery needs housing and has slowly moved into our bookshelves. Living with a tiny kitchen makes it necessary, but I don't mind it. I love to see them there, cups and plates breaking up rows of literature, reminding me to use them. Polish, German, Italian and French pottery share the space with some Meissen pieces, glasses of mixed heritage, bier stein and Alessi juicer getting along just fine...
I love to set a pretty table every day, even if it's 'only' for the four of us. The children are getting used to living with breakable and lovely pieces and know how to use them.

One of my cherished memories is my mother's regular coffee and cake hour in the afternoon, an institution in Germany, which I cannot do without. Nowadays we love to drink tea as much as coffee, but usually between 4 and 5 o'clock we sit down for a little while, sometimes all of us, sometimes just my husband and I.

Picture via Domino

How often do you sit down at your dinner or coffee table? Do you feel it's not practical? One meal a week? Where do you eat?
Why not start a lovely tradition and make the dining room a Saturday night destination? Go all out, put down the silver from you wedding or the glasses you inherited from an aunt, bring candles and celebrate your life...

Picture via House beautiful

All other pictures by V. Zlotkowski

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