Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Raw diet

My diet has been far from raw over the last weeks, due to the fact that I am in greater need for warm, cooked food in the approaching winter season and additionally to the circumstances of hurricane Sandy which left us, like so many others, stranded without electricity.
And smoothies and juices simply cannot be done without it.
Of course there is still the option to eat fresh raw fruits and veggies, which we did, but one can only do this for so long in a cold house, which forces you eventually out into restaurants and any kind of food place to satisfy your hunger. Which gave me again another look into the mostly unhealthy and /or one sided approach to cooking and eating in restaurants in general. 
Of course we were grateful for the multigrain sandwiches and soups, salads and fish dishes, but overall the choices for truly healthy eating are still rather slim. So we were absolutely delighted, when we came across the Hudson Grille in White Plains, which offers, apart from their delicious burgers and other regular fare, an extended gluten free and vegetarian section on the menu. I can report it can be done satisfactory.
Let's hope these offers become even more mainstream and restaurants will pick up this trend, as more and more customers are willing or in need for alternative food offerings.
They even had soy milk for my coffee, still often unavailable at many restaurants and even coffee shops and other breakfast venues.
Here is to healthy eating....


Image via website, as indicated.


  1. I'm so happy you have your power back. Stay warm though this new storm. Let's keep the POWER! It was great to see you and your family too!

  2. Oh you have been through so much; glad that things are better now ..the Hudson Grille sounds wonderful!

    Art by Karena

  3. Thank you all!
    Let's keep the power, sounds great!

  4. Victoria,
    I do love how the storm put us all in "survivor mode" and made us look a little closer into our days. I did feel like you that somehow chasing warmth was part of my day.
    Never heard of Hudson Gille and looks like a perfect spot to go share a meal with family and friends.

  5. woops, I meant to type Grille!

  6. It is a nice place and it has a lovely out door space in the summer too.
    And indeed great for a gathering of friends....


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