Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Traveling is one thing I will never tire of. Even if it's just around the corner, 20 miles from home. It is exciting to plan and discover, drive through unknown territory and see things unfold. Road trips are wonderful, but my favorite way to travel is by train.
Which hasn't happen much, unless you count the subway or metro to the city!
I always try to come up with an excuse to go on a train trip, but I still have to find one for a place far enough to make the car obviously the not so economical solution.
Maybe Boston or Philadelphia? I would not mind going by train to Seattle.

In a sleeping berth, having my coffee in the morning at the cafe, watching the world go by!

Dressing for dinner.

Perhaps my ideas of train travels are far from the reality and it is way less glamorous then I would hope?
Maybe Orient Express style?

I am dreaming!

Hope your week ahead is adventure filled!


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