Friday, December 3, 2010

Winter garden

The garden in winter is quiet, yet I hear the rustling of a bird, looking for a morsel, or the squirrels, jumping from branch to branch. There is subtle movement under the bare rose bush, a chipmunk runs for cover.The air has the first icy grip and I hear the last leaves falling.

The small bird almost invisible...

Happy weekend!



  1. it is amazing the different personalities of a garden in each season. and such different types of beauty- the winter hush is so different from verdant spring- but allows a better sense of magic perhaps?!

    thank you for saying hello! we are doing well!

    xo, corinna

  2. Corinna, You are right, I always feel the garden in winter has a certain magic!
    Lois, no snow, but it's in the air...

    Love to you!


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