Monday, December 6, 2010

The first snow

Since this morning it's coming steady and softly down from the skies...
Perhaps there will be white Christmas after all!

We celebrate St.Nikolaus Day! Santa's helper brings good children candies and bad ones a black stick....
We were all good!

Snowy where you are???

xx Victoria

Picture by V.Zlotkowski


  1. Thank you Victoria for stopping by my blog and leaving encouraging comments...:)
    We too were good and Nikolaus did visit us!!!

  2. HI Victoria! Cannot believe you have snow already!!!! It is frigid cold here and could happen at any time. Luckily finished my outside pots...the dirt is frozen now. We went to our first Christkindlmarket this past weekend at the German International School here in Boston. We bought lots of traditional German cookies and a large beautiful gingerbread house (will post soon). My daughter brought back a wonderful gift for her German teacher. She has been learning about the traditions for this time of year. So wonderful.

    Thank you for your cute comments today on my blog post. I love my vintage pins! Can't wait to see yours~ Enjoy wearing them! Stay warm~

    Auf Wiedersehen (correct?)

  3. May, I am so glad you could find time to visit! I love our German/Polish traditions at the holiday time.
    Jamilyn, this all sounds like great fun to me! It seems like a much bigger affair then here, our German School bazar was rather small this year, but lovely regardless!
    Yes, Auf Wiedersehen!


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