Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tea time and more

I love a good cup of tea. Black or green, white or herb based. After having dealt with all kind of digestive related problems - for once I found out to be lactose intolerant - I have been looking for teas beneficial for all kind of ailments.
I found wonderful sources on Etsy and I absolutely love these teas.

During my research looking for organic herbal concotions I came across quite a few sites.
The one I found most informative and convincing I choose to order from. The Bleeding Leaf Tea Co. has many great teas and more, plenty of explanations and guidance as how to use the teas. I love that I had choices and could in some ways customize my order to my specific taste.

Not only was it easy to order, but the friendly Luna, who makes these tea mixtures is very knowledgable and helpful! She packs 15 single tea bags in a plastic cover and then sends them off in small cotton drawstring bags. So neat! The teas have become a great hit with my family! I had ordered the Herbal Aspirin Tea, The Yummy Tummy Tea, Kava Comfort  Tea and Lemon Ginger Houjicha Tea. Apart from the last they are all herbal teas, the last one green tea based.

We all love the Yummy Tummy Tea and the Herbal Aspirin best, but I am particular to the Houjicha tea. I love lemon and ginger and is so soothing! The Kava Comfort is delicious too. I do love to prepare them, feeling a little like an alchemist...brewing my healthy potions!

While browsing Etsy for all kinds of organic and healthy teas I found also Lilith's Apothecary and oh, I so love her Rejuvenating Facial Serum. It is a light oil, used under my moisturizer and is free of any preservatives or chemicals. It feels wonderful and I think my skin has improved since I began using it about 4 weeks ago.

So, if you are in any way interested in a good cup of tea, helpful and delicious, go and try out some of these or find your own local herbalist.
I found often at local farmer's markets good sources for herb teas, or shops, such as Mrs. Greens or Whole Foods. But I like to support family farms, which make small batches of tea or creams and lotions made from organically grown plants. It is an adventure and a lot of fun!

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