Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Books of the South

Many lovely books I've read so far over this summer and I just want to share them with y'all! 
We spend the most delightful time in the South and its all about the South in these books!

Harper Lee's classic! And of course I saw the movie classic too! My summer '11 favorite!

Fun with ghosts!

More fun with ghosts!

What can I say: I loved the book and the movie!
I just adore her books! Straight to the heart!

Summer perfect reading!

By now this is a must for Savannah fans! The audio version is priceless, the movie less so!

This book touched me on many levels! I recommend it strongly!

What have you been reading?


Images through B&N website!


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  2. I've just read "The good life" by McInerney, "Drei Zimmer in Manhattan" by Simenon and "Marina" by Zafon. Loved them all!!

  3. Thank you, Lisa! I made a note of them! Always good to hear some new recommendations! : )))


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