Sunday, June 12, 2011


Can you still imagine the feeling of being 15 and flying for the first time alone to America?

My niece (l) with two of my own...

Or Europe? Or any other far away place, filled with all the possibilities of adventure, a small piece of fear of the unknown tucked away in the heart and the curiosity of youth, taking it all in full of enthusiasm? WELCOME! WILLKOMMEN!
The wonderful thing is, that I for myself never lost this feeling and having been to Europe just a few weeks ago still let me taste this again and again. (The fears change a bit, the rest stays the same...)
But this time my niece, youngest daughter of my next younger sister comes over and we are so happy to receive her!
Welcome to America, welcome to us and  may this journey be the begin of a fabulous time, experience and getting to know each other better!

I found this book and perhaps this could be of help for her and other girl travelers. And she can practice her English too! But of course she has us to be her guides, we can't wait to show her our world!

So, Mama and Papa, do not worry, she will be safe and sound with us!


Images by V. Zlotkowski and as indicated.

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